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Episode 95 - Scalar Light Energy - What Is It and How Can It Help You Heal with Tom Paladino

January 31, 2022 Season 1 Episode 95
Sandy K Nutrition - Health & Lifestyle Queen
Episode 95 - Scalar Light Energy - What Is It and How Can It Help You Heal with Tom Paladino
Show Notes

What is Scalar Light?

SCALAR LIGHT works with scalar energy, which is a necessary life force found everywhere in the world, space and the universe. This energy originates from the sun and the stars.  Chi, Prana, OM, mana, life force, pyramid energy or zero point energy are synonymous terms for scalar energy.  Tom Paladino has been inspired by the discoveries of Nikolas Tesla (inventor of the alternative current) and by T. Galen Hieronymus who developed numerous studies about scalar energy.

What can Scalar Light do for you?

Experience deeper sleep, enhanced mood, and energy and regain a zest for life.  The scalar energy generated works at a quantum level and defragments the molecules of viruses and other pathogens.

This technique uses facial photography of people or pets, which are placed in the SCALAR LIGHT equipment. The equipment places the scalar light signature on the photograph no matter where the person is and the person begins to receive the transmission of the scalar energy that directly affects the spirit, mind and body, thus acting by balancing the energy centers, dismantling the substances that steal health and vitality.

Tom Paladino is a researcher and humanitarian seeking to make a difference in the world by providing people with the education and tools to restore optimal health, and by helping enhance their quality of life. Tom began research with Scalar Energy during his undergraduate years after developing a deep admiration for the father of Scalar Energy research, Nikola Tesla.

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As with all my podcasts, this information is for educational purposes only and is not medical advice.  See your own practitioner for what's right for you.

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