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Episode 94 - Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home for 2022 and Bring the Good Energy In

January 24, 2022 Season 1 Episode 94
Sandy K Nutrition - Health & Lifestyle Queen
Episode 94 - Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home for 2022 and Bring the Good Energy In
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In this episode, I outline how to Feng Shui your home the easy way,  map your home,  and I discuss some easy fixes for your home for 2022 according to the annual flying stars.

You will learn which area is your manifestation area.  Which area should you keep quiet and settled with no renovations? Where can you add some red colour to enhance the energies?  Where should you avoid candles?

Every year I follow the annual flying stars to  Feng Shui my home with cures to enhance or dissipate certain energies in certain spaces for the year.

I obtain all of my advice and my cures from  For your Chinese Animal go here:

For specifics on the various areas, I suggest you take notes.  To help out with this episode I have also had it transcribed (hopefully accurately!).

Remember to cleanse anything you purchase off Amazon or elsewhere.  If you purchase cures from, the cures will already be cleansed.

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Sandy Kruse:

Hi everyone. It's Sandy Kruse from Sandy K Nutrition Health and Lifestyle Queen. And I'm here to show you that balanced living works. This is especially for all you ladies, over 40, we will cover a range of exciting topics with many special guests. And I really look forward to this season. Bye for now. Hi everyone. Welcome to Sandy K Nutrition Health and Lifestyle Queen. Today. I have no one with me and I'm gonna talk to you all about Feng Shui for 2022 . I'm gonna give you some easy tips and little tricks to make sure that the different areas in your home are really, really positive energy for the year of the Yang Water Tiger. And all of these cures can be put into place on February 3rd, 2022. And every bit of the information I get is from Feng Shui Shop in the UK. I have been following their advice. I purchased their software many years ago. I'm gonna say it's oh gosh, probably close to 10 years that I have been following their advice. I learned how to map houses and I'm really just an ongoing student of Feng Shui because there's Feng Shui Shop because they give you all the advice and all the cures that you need. And they're all cleansed properly. I'm gonna talk to you all about this today. Couple of announcements, sponsorship spots are really closing Fast. I've got some amazing sponsors this year, and I'm really grateful for the opportunity to work with some great companies. So if you are interested, do send me a message. We are still accepting some sponsors, sandy@sandyknutrition. ca. I'm gonna mention all my other social media platforms. I'm very active on Instagram, Sandy K Nutrition on Facebook, Sandy K Nutrition. I have a private women's group on Facebook as well. Sandy K nutrition, health and lifestyle queen. And I'm also on TikTok . I'm on Pinterest. I am starting to be a little more active on Twitter as well. It's Sandy K nutrition everywhere. And that is probably all the announcements I wanna make. Oh yeah. I mean, I am a registered holistic nutritionist and I work primarily with women over 40, even over 45, just addressing the symptoms that they're feeling during per menopause and menopause. And I help them feel balanced and good again because I am such a massive advocate feeling good at every stage in our life. And I'm not into the whole demonizing. That phase of women's lives, where they go through menopause because it doesn't have to be so bad. I mean, it's not gonna be perfect for everybody. And some people might have it worse than others, but if you do do the work before you get to menopause, I'm a true believer. That menopause will be a lot easier. I am 52 years old. I just turned 52 at the start of January. Yes, I'm a Capricorn. And um, you know, I think I'm feeling okay. I have my moments, but for the most part I I'm okay. I actually had a live on Instagram this last week with my pharmacist friend , Sudeen. She is @journey.2.reslience on Instagram and her and I did live all about COVID and we didn't get into anything controversial. We didn't talk about, you know, vaccines and all that kind of stuff. We actually talked about our experience because , uh , my family just got out of quarantine because my daughter had COVID and I am now about 99.9% sure that I had COVID end of November. And it's just, it was a great discussion without medical advice, just talking about our experience and what we did. And so if you, if you have a chance go to Instagram and check out that live, it is there on my grid from last week, and now I am gonna get on into my episodes. So Feng Shui. There are many, many different ways that people can follow Feng Shui. And it's a little bit misleading that people think it's just about, you know, how to place your furniture and really it's all about the energy and the flow within your home. And it's not just inside of your home, but what's outside of your home. So I've learned about so much over this last decade of really, really studying it. And there are so many different things like outside of your home, if your home actually faces an intersection. So it's almost as though cars are driving into your home, like their lights are shining into your home. That's considered a poison arrow. That's actually just one example of a poison arrow. But guess what? Why I love Feng Shui is that there's a cure for everything. So you bought a house, you had no idea that the location was actually a poison arrow . Well, guess what? There's a remedy for that. And that's one of the reasons why I just love fun. So let's get into how to actually know which way your house faces. That is really, really important. I hope you're all enjoying today's episode. As much as I enjoy bringing it to you every single week today, I have a new sponsor to bring to you. And that is the Canadian school of natural nutrition in Canada's capital , Ottawa. Most of you know, that podcasting is not my day job and I am actually a registered holistic nutritionist. Most of you're aware that I went back to school, went back to college in my mid forties to be able to do what I now. And it is definitely a passion right next to podcasting. Do you aspire to have a meaningful career where you help people? Are you passionate about food, nutrition and wellness? This life changing program could be for you earn a diploma in natural nutrition and become a registered holistic nutritionist. Just like me at the Canadian school of natural nutrition in Canada's capital , Ottawa with live virtual interactive classes available and flexible schedules. You can study from the comfort of your own home. No matter you are in the world, you guys register for spring 20, 22 is open. Now both full-time and part-time programs are available. And if you have any questions about this at all, from my personal experience, feel free to get in touch with me as well. So go check it out at . And all of this information will also be in my show notes. And now back to our podcast episode. So it's important to stand and you can use an iPhone or I'm sure an Android phone has it as well. It has a compass and you find the compass on your phone, or you can use a real compass. I used to use a real compass and I learned how to use one of those. And you put the phone or the compass at waste level to see which way your front door faces. Now, that is going to be your starting point for making your grid. Okay, now stay with me here. You guys, you're gonna make a grid and it's gonna be three by three squares. So there's actually gonna be a total of nine squares and those squares are gonna be labeled. So it will be Northwest north , Northeast, east, Southeast, Southwest, and then center the way that you're gonna do this and start it off in your home is to know which way your home faces. And that's gonna be your starting point to know which way your front door faces. I hope that that makes it kind of clear as to how to figure this out, cuz it's really not that complicated. I personally have done maps with software to get a more exact location of each area of my home. There are other methods that some people follow, for example, the Southeast is considered the travel corner. The , uh, Northwest is the wealth corner. I follow what is called the annual stars. Okay . So these are the flying stars in Feng Shui that change every year. There's also monthly stars and it can get really confusing. So, and then, and then you can actually find out just the stars and the placement of when your home was built. That was actually how I started. I thought, okay, well I knew when my home was built and I started mapping according to those stars when the home was built, but then I started researching of course, and found out that it's way more accurate to follow the annual stars and change your cures every year. So that's what I'm gonna talk about today. I'm not gonna talk about the Northwest being your wealth corner or the Southeast being your travel corner. I'm gonna talk about what I have learned through Feng Shui store in the UK and mapping the annual flying stars for each of these areas. So definitely go and do that map your own house. All you need to do is make a simple little grid and figure out where your front door is. Then it's easy to go from there and figure out every area of your home and where the center is. Of course. So let's get into what the whole year looks like according to the flying stars. And this is the year of the yang water tiger. And I loved it. The , because it was so positive and the flying stars say that this year's gonna be better in general for everyone like who doesn't wanna hear that. I'm just so over all of the lockdowns and shutdowns and restrictions, and I'm looking for just better energy overall. Well, they're predicting with these flying stars that it's gonna be better in general across the world and positive changes in the entire world. And guess what, it's gonna be a year of progression innovation and growth a year of advancements in technology. But the only negative thing that I did read about was that it is also gonna be an increase in natural disasters, which we've kind of seen already in the last year. So that is the year as a. Now the thing that I think is kind of cool is that every person has an animal. You might know about this. It's it's fun horoscope. So you have a Chinese animal that is tied to the year that you were born. So I am gonna have a link of this on how to, to find out who or what your Chinese animal is because they do provide you with very specific cures for your own animal. And I happen to be an earth rooster, and apparently it's gonna be a great year for the earth rooster. So I'm pretty happy about that. A word about salt water cures. I did do a very descriptive video on Instagram on how to make your own salt water cures. So for this year, you're gonna wanna have your salt water cures in the center of your home, a and in the Southwest of your home. And you're gonna go, all right , Sandy, what are salt, water cures? And I will tell you, all you need is a simple Mason jar. You need some salt, rock, salt, any kind of salt, and you fill it up three quarters of the way you have to have Chinese coins. Now it , if you do get them from Amazon, make sure you cleanse anything that you get from Amazon. I personally buy all of my cures from Feng Shui store and they come cleansed with clean energy. You just wanna make sure that it's not a bunch of old coins that you that up or sitting, I don't know , in a warehouse for years and years, or who knows where they came from. So make sure you cleanse those. How do you cleanse them? You put 'em out in the pure sunshine with sprinkle of salt on them. You can put 'em out in the moons, light, full moon light . You can use smoke, Palo Santo or any kind of smoke to cleanse them. You just wanna make sure that if you're buying any Chinese cures from anywhere that you don't know or that you may not trust that you cleanse them before you use them. Because the most of the Chinese cures that I use, I use them only once because with these cures, they actually really, really take in a lot of this energy that you don't wanna keep. So with the salt water cure, the whole purpose is that it collects energy throughout the year in some of the really bad areas, which two of them happen to be the Southwest and the center for this year. And it collects, and you're gonna see rock Salter forming along the edge of the Mason jars throughout the year. And it's really interesting because I find it totally depends on the area on how much salt. I end up getting collected on the Mason jar. You never want to touch it. So if you have cats, make sure it's not somewhere where they're gonna start licking it or anything like that. If you have a cleaning lady, make sure they don't touch it because the crusts that form are actually really heavy duty , negative energy. You do not wanna touch them. You dispose of them every single year. You don't reuse the jar. You don't reuse the coins in saltwater. You just wanna gently pick it up from the side, throw it into a bag, throw it into the trash. Do not use anything year over year, as it relates to salt water cures. Now the only cures that I actually reuse each year, but I do cleanse them is I will reuse my six hollow metal rod wind chime. I reuse that one. I find I have read that. It's okay to reuse those. If you use the , um, six Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon, you're supposed to dispose of those. However, I do think that with those, you can really do a good job of cleansing them with that salt sunshine, smoke them with any kind of whatever Palo Santo, Sage, whatever it is that you use to cleanse. You can also do that with those. So saltwater cures. If you wanna know more about that, you're gonna have to go to my Instagram. I think I'm gonna have to put a highlight so that you can find it. But I did do a full demonstration on how to do this, and you're gonna want saltwater cures in the center and in the Southwest. So now get your pen and paper ready. I'm gonna talk about each area of the home for 2022. And remember you can actually start putting these cures in place on February the third. So let's start with the Southwest. This area is actually a beautiful area. And every year they provide us with the , the flying stars provides us with an area that's a great area for manifestation. So this is the area that you want to put any that relates to manifestation. So let's say you are manifesting your soulmate, you know, put something there that would demonstrate that it's an area of love, relationships, travel, creativity, and harmony. So put photos of you and your loved ones. You definitely don't wanna have fire there. So a word about candles. I actually posted this on my Instagram. Typically every year, the flying stars will provide us with only two areas where fire is to be used. Fire represents anything. That's fire, all the colors. So pink, red, orange, purple. Those are all fire colors. And then in addition to that, anything that symbolizes fire. So I know you guys are probably gonna think, holy crap, she's really out there, but I will remove candles. Um, and I'll put them. So if, if you do have a lot of candles, like I , I do, and I probably have way too many. I will put them away in a cabinet. Um, if I just have way too many, because I do not want anything that symbolizes fire in the areas that they say do not put fire in. Why is that? Because that is an area that will either in hands or weaken what you want. Does that make sense? So, or is it what you don't want? Okay. So for example, in this area, it is actually the number four wood star, and it's a beautiful area, right? I was just saying that manifestation area, area of love travel, all the good things, but it's a wood star . So if you put fire there, you are actually burning all of the goodness of that wood star. Does that make sense? Anyway, I hope that makes sense. So in this area I was saying definitely no fire colors, also no metal. So what are metal colors? That's white , um , silver, copper , um , gold. Any of that? You don't want that either. You wanna use lots of grays, blacks, blues, okay . In this area and you can add calm water. Does that make sense? I hope it does also colors of wood. So earth, anything that's earthy bieges, Browns, terracotta , that kind of thing. That will also be good in this area. Also, you wanna keep the area clean and tidy because that will always enhance the good energy. You can add fresh flowers to this area, green leafy plants. And of course my favorite cure, one of my favorites is Mandarin ducks. I actually have one , uh , a set that I bought a while ago. And these two Mandarin ducks are actually in rose gold , sitting on a Lily pad that is made of Jade. And so I actually cleanse those every year. And I put those cures, that little Mandarin ducks, the two Mandarin ducks in the manifestation and area of love because I want that area to be powerful. Okay. So let's move on to the south. The south is the number nine. And when I say the numbers, by the way, those are the numbers of , of the flying stars, the annual flying stars, just so that you're aware. And this is one of those areas that you want to activate with fire and wood colors. Okay. So remember how I was saying that there aren't a ton of air areas that they want you to add fire or red. This is one of them. So in the south, you want fire, you want red and pink and orange and any of the bright colors you want the woods. So the beiges the Browns, and this is the area that will actually protect future will wealth . So you wanna add tons of candles, tons of fire. You actually want green leafy plants. You want fresh flowers here. You can add a Hulu. So for those of you who aren't aware of what a Hulu is, I actually keep Hulus beside every bedside in my house. And it is believed to absorb all bad energy and any bad Chi . And it's like this little go that , um, it's best if you can buy them in solid bras. And I do have a few solid brass ones. They are not cheap, but these are the kinds of cures that you keep year over year. And you cleanse them just like I was saying earlier. So this is a great spot for wu lou. It's also a great spot for those eight Chinese coins that are tied with red ribbon. It's going to simply activate that area even more because it wants fire and it needs fire to be activated. So that's the south. I'm going to interrupt today's podcast for a sponsor announcement. And today's sponsor is hydraulic. And let me talk to you a little bit about what this company is about. You guys know how passionate I am about hydration. It is critically important, but what's even more important that people really just don't even realize is not just drinking that water, but making sure that that water actually gets into the cell and herein is where electrolytes come into play. And this is where hydraulic comes into play. Now, the founder is actually a frontline healthcare worker. And during the pandemic, they started to experience constant headaches. And this is how hydraulic was born. So the founder looked for a healthy drink with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, but without the sugar, they were looking for something that was keto friendly and healthy and most powdered drinks on the market have a ton of sugar and caffeine. This is why he created hydraulic hydration, sugar free keto friendly plant-based antioxidant, rich electrolyte powder packets for daily use containing all the essential vitamins and minerals with a refreshing taste. Their product contains elderberry, which many of you must have heard of, and elderberry has in immune boosting properties to support during cold and flu season. So if you are having trouble eating and drinking optimally in your busy, busy schedule, hydraulic hydration is something you may want to try. And what's really cool is that you can get 30 electrolyte powder packets in one pouch, and it's perfect for a one month supply to test out. Now how to get it first off, I'm gonna spell it for you. HRA is like hydration and unique. So H Y D R O N I Q U E And you can go there and get your own one month supply, or you can do an Amazon search and they're offering a $10 discount coupon right now for the next week. So go check it out. I will have the information in my show notes in case you miss the spelling, but definitely check it out. Hydraulic hydration. And now back to the podcast. Now let's get to the Southwest. And it's kind of funny because they always talk about the middle sons or the males in the house. You know, it's funny. I don't think I read anything about the females. So I'm always wondering, although they do mention them sometimes, but the Southwest is especially important for males in the house or middle sons. It is a bad area. So this is the area, one of the two spots where you're gonna wanna put your salt water cure, and that is gonna help to dissipate that number two star, which can affect health. It, it can increase stress in this area. Arguments, general bad luck . You do not want to do renovations here in the 20, 22 year, no renovations. You kind of wanna keep the area quieter. So when they say that, no loud, booming music , music , um, you, you don't want any fire here this year , no red orange purple pink, no candles, nothing that symbolizes fire and interesting. They say no green. You don't want any green here either. You definitely want to have metal cures here. So metal cures. What are the, I actually have quite a few. I've got a couple of singing bowls. Those are actually great for the Southwest. If you have singing bowls, you wanna put a Hulu there, there are these little things called wealth in, got in gots. I N G O T. You could probably find those again on Amazon, but be careful, make sure that you cleanse them when you get them. So you're gonna add non menacing. I love that term because you know how, okay? You go to a house and you might see a painting and painting. You can almost sense and feel the anger. Let's say it's a storm, a photograph of a storm or something like that. And it kind of gives you that menacing feeling the same with any kind of artifacts in your home. If there are sharp, pointy, triangular, that's more menacing. So what they want in this area is cures that are soft. So like a singing bowl, which is very soft. It's a great metal cure for this area. So make sure that you do not have any fire or wood in this area. And also you , you can also put those six Chinese coins tied with a red red ribbon, and here's where you go. Okay, well, that doesn't make sense, cuz you're saying no red, but the Chinese coins are always tied with a red ribbon. I'll tell you why. The reason is because the Chinese coins are activated. So their benefit is activated by the red as opposed to having a red carpet or a giant red throw or something like that, which would activate it in a negative way. I hope that makes sense. And the other thing that they do say is you do not wanna place your crystals. So I have some larger crystals that are amethyst. And so not only is the amethyst a fire color, right? It's purple. But also they're saying this isn't a great area for crystals, but I will get into that. There is an area where you're gonna wanna put all your crystals. Next area I'm gonna talk about is the west. And it's the number seven star. And I can, here we go. It is an area of conflict of violence and robbery. Uh , people who have lung issues. You wanna make sure that you activate this area in a positive way. And here they're talking about using a lot of water cures. So what are water cures, blues, grays , um, black. You want to have, if you have photos of water, you wanna make sure it's calm waters, nothing. That's menacing. Like what I was talking about before. No fire here. So that means no reds, no pinks, no, no purples orange, no candles here, no metal here and no wind chimes or anything like that here in the west. So not much more to really be said here. Just make sure that the colors are calm. Just think of blues. Okay. Northwest. It's the number six star. So this is a strong area that will bring luck in wealth and career. If it is activated so great for those who are in leadership roles or in politics, God forbid <laugh> I certainly wouldn't wanna be in politics in this day and age. Um, here you're gonna wanna have crystals. This is where quartz is beautiful. Um, any kind of crystals are gonna enhance that positive energy. You can introduce water colors here again. So blues, blacks, grays, and that's kind of it with that area, with the Northwest. It's not a lot to say here, but it's pretty simple. So just don't put your candles there. Use a lot of water colors. Okay. Now let's move on to the north area of the home. It's the number one star. And again, they talk about the middle sun and all males. This is a very important area for career and romance and finances, especially for males. So it's not saying it's, it's not important for females either. It's just saying it's especially important for males. Now here, you're gonna want to add and strong metal cures. So again, back to what I was saying before, so the singing bowls or the Hulus and I even have those little, what are they called? Those little , uh , uh , what are they called? They're called Tibetan bell chimes. I was like, oh my God, how can I forget that? Because I love those little chimes. You know, they have like a little rope and they're round and they have all these like pretty little symbols. They're just really pretty. So I actually have those as well. And again, this is a cure that you can use year after year. Just make sure that you cleanse them at least once a year. And what you're gonna want is a quiet space in the north. Again, no renos, no really loud bassy , exceedingly loud music, light music is fine. You want the water? And the metal colors here. So black, gray, blue, white, silver, gold. You do not want any fire colors. The reds, the purples. You do not want any earth colors. So tans Browns beiges you can put your Hulu there. I have many of them. You do not want any crystals in the north either, but definitely get your single singing bowls there. Cuz I , I actually have two of them. So I'll put one there as well as I think it was the Southwest. Moving on to the Northeast. This is the number eight annual star. Again, keep the area calm and settled. I'm telling you with way they really don't like loudness. Do they? They don't like loud people. I'm like, Hmm , that doesn't really suit my personality. But anyway, we'll make do so this is an area that you're gonna wanna activate for wealth, prestige romance, general luck. If it is disturbed, it can laws , lawsuits, disagreements, divorce. You have to watch health and stress, high blood pressure kidneys. So this is the area that you want fire again. You want fire here. You want earth colors. You want the Browns, the yellows, the beiges you red purple, pink, orange, all the things you want your candles there. You do not want your medals there. So no singing bowls, no Tibetan chimes or whatever I was talking about before. So here you do not want the metal. Now I have, of course I have almost everything listed here. I have a three-legged toad. This is a great a three-legged toad can symbolize wealth. And typically if you have one of them , which I have a lot of times they're sitting on a bed of coins. That's how the three legged toad is placed. And sometimes you can find them in bras. I have a couple of bras ones and you want them facing into the room. So if you have any kind of wall unit , unit, or anything like that, where you can have them facing into the room in the Northeast, that's gonna be beautiful. You for you. And then you also want rose quarts here, any kind of rose quarts , crystal hearts. You want your Mandarin ducks. Remember I was talking about the Mandarin ducks that I have. This is a place where I can put them. Now. The east is the number three star another not so great area. Theft, loss of wealth, arguments, legal issues. You do not want loud music in the east. You do not want any renovations in the east. You want to add lots of fire and red. You do not want any water. You do not want any metal. So just make sure that you activate it with lots of reds, pinks, purples, whatever it is that you have in your decor, throws pillows, anything like that. Now the center is the number five star. And again, no music, no renovations. This is the second place where you want your salt water cure. You want to have the six Chinese coins tied with the red ribbon. You do not want fire. And now I'm just sitting here trying to figure out how to put my six raw hollow wind chime in the center of my home. I'm like, how am I gonna put this here? And this is the one thing that I go through every year, because I like to find a spot where I can put all of my cures where you know, I don't look like I own a retail shop for fun . You know what I'm saying? So this is where you definitely wanna have that wind chime. It's an important cure for the center of your home. You want the Hulu, you want metal colors. You don't want to have any earth colors. Now I don't know about you, but the center of my home is literally J us a closet and a hallway. Like there's really not a lot in the center of my home. So what I try and do, and you can do this too. I have three floors in my house. So I will sometimes look for spaces in the certain areas. So for example, in the center of my home, I might try and find an area in my basement where it is still the center of my home. And I can hang my wind chime there where it's not just like out there. As soon as somebody walks into my house, they see this giant wind chime. So you can do that. And I've been doing this for a long time. So that's it. Everyone. I hope that this was informative for you. I hope you had your pen in your paper. Ready. I'm gonna try and put as many. Um , maybe what I'll do is I'll transcribe episode and transcription can be tough because it's not always accurate, but if I transcribe the , um, the podcast, then you should be able to get the gist of what you need to put where. And like I said, look, for some of these little things that I talked about on Amazon, look for a wu lou or a couple of wu lous and , and , and even still, these are the types of things that you can have year over year. Look for that wind chime. And if you have any questions, feel free to touch base with me. I love talking about feng shui. I love talking about all the cures. It's like a , it's like an annual event in my house and my husband's just like, oh my God, here we go. Again. We , where I have to figure out how I'm gonna dispose of my old salt water cures without touching anything in the crusts. Anyway, it's something that I'm very passionate about. And for those of you who are not aware, some of you might know this, but I really got into fun way after my daughter. And I were both diagnosed with cancers, two different cancers one year apart, and I was looking for answers and I was, I was definitely on , uh, this soul searching mission to figure out why, why, and, and then guess what? I never got the answers, never got the answer as to why, but I guess the only thing I can surmise now is I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing right now. Had I not gone through that experience with my daughter and myself. And so the answers were not necessarily in feng shui, but I stumbled upon feng shui after I was looking for answers. I'm like, well, maybe it has something to do with the energy in my home. And for a while there, I wanted to move. I wanted to leave this house. I'm like, there's too much negative energy here. There's too much, you know, memories that, that just hurt my heart. And then when I got into feng shui, I realized that I can do something about this. I can maybe not control everything in my life, but I can do what I can to keep the energy clean and clear in my home, make my home a warm and welcoming place. Not that it was cold and you know, horrible before, but just even better. So I hope you enjoyed this episode and I would really appreciate it. If you can leave me any feedback, send message. I love to hear from my listeners, And also if you could leave me a five star review with a few kind words that is always appreciated and goes a long way. And speaking of great energy next week, I have Tom Pino from scaler light coming to talk about the healing benefits of scaler light . So be sure to listen next week. So I hope you all have a great week and join me next week. Bye for now Join me next week, where I cover off more exciting topics. I hope to continue to engage you and excite you and show you that living in your forties, fifties, and beyond can be exciting, balanced, and helpful by for all .