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Episode 90 - The Most Common Issue With Every Client in 2021 - Plus 2021 Takeaways

December 27, 2021 Season 1 Episode 90
Sandy K Nutrition - Health & Lifestyle Queen
Episode 90 - The Most Common Issue With Every Client in 2021 - Plus 2021 Takeaways
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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

In this episode I detail the following:

1.  My favourite health topic of 2021 for more on this, check out the following episodes:
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2.  My top spiritual learning of 2021
3.  The most common issue with every client I worked with in 2021 and some quick tips to help mitigate this issue

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Speaker 1:

Hi everyone. It's Sandy Cruz from Sandy Kay nutrition, health and lifestyle queen. And I'm here to show you that balanced living works. This is especially for all you ladies, over 40, we will cover a range of exciting topics with many special guests. And I really look forward to this season. Bye for now. Hi, everyone. Welcome to Sandy K nutrition, health and lifestyle queen today. It is me, myself and I, and I am going to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays and a happy new year. And I have been off for two weeks. And so I am back and I am revived and revitalized, and I hope this podcast episode finds you well and healthy. What am I gonna talk about today? Three main things that I'm gonna talk about. Number one is what was my favorite topic of 2021? Number two, what was my top spiritual learning of 2021? And number three, what was the most common issue in every single one of my clients that I worked with in 2021? And then of course, I'm gonna give you some observations that I've noticed over 2021. And I'm gonna talk a little about that. So here we go. My absolute favorite topic this entire year has been how to age better. And I don't think that that's gonna change in 2022. I love to learn about anything and everything that's gonna help me age better. And typically the, this is not stuff that you're gonna find in Western medicine because it's clear that Western medicine is there for a reason, and they do a lot of wonderful things and a lot of great things, but helping you to age better is not really one of them. And so this past year, I was fortunate enough to have a couple of great into interviews with Dr . Bill Lawrence. I also interviewed Dr. Elizabeth U and she's gonna be coming back again in 2022 or talk about all the things relating to cellular medicine and a lot of these physicians, as well as Phil meins, he's a pharmacologist. And he's also in that space of longevity and aging. Well, and then there's Dr. Ola Conlan . She's the founder of time. Plus it is a supplement that actually supplements N ad within the body and it , the company's name is Cheto . So there's a lot out there then there's oh gosh, how could I forget? Sperming Primidone, sperming another very, very up and coming supplement that helps with a top , which helps with aging better. There's just so much out there. And of all of the things that I have been testing and taking one of my favorite things is peptide bio regulators. I have been on a protocol since June, now, myself and my husband. We have also played a around with other types of peptides that are more repetitive and synthetic peptides there's peptides that are injectables pep peptides that are intranasal. There are peptides that are patches. There are peptides are, think of it as a signaling molecule that helps the body to do whatever it is that you needed to do. So for example, myself, my husband, we did BPC 1 57. BPC is supposed to be great and repetitive for the esophagus. And we were doing BPC injections, injections. And you know, I, I did a lot of this at the start of 2021. And then I turned to peptide bio regulators because they are more of a food supplement and they are derived from , uh , bine glands. And what they are is they are really truly signaling molecules. They don't go in and fix things. I will say very quickly, they take time and you have to be on them for quite a bit of time. But in my interviews with Dr. Bill Lawrence, he has some really, really promising from his own clinical studies on lengthening telomeres and improving DNA methylation, and really it's reversing biological age . And so we all know chronologically how old we are, but really how is our body aging and aging better or worse? And I did a DNA methylation test myself this past year and found that my body is actually one year older than it is chronologically. So, I mean, that's not bad. And I would like to see if these peptide bio regulators over the course of about a year can reverse this. So it's been about seven months and I will keep you posted. And I do consult with clients on peptide, bio regulators. I do not get involved in the synthetic peptides. So that's the BPC 1 57 S that sort of thing. The really they're really fast acting . They're fast acting signaling molecules. So what are peptides I'm gonna make this really, really all you eat proteins, right? We all eat protein, whether it's vegetarian or animal sourced, we eat protein. We need protein, protein contains amino acids that are building blocks to actually help repair. And also just, just to function. We need to have those amino acids just to function properly. Okay ? So we eat protein. What do they say? Proteins are not always easy for us to digest and assimilate and break down for many reasons. And as we get older, just that mere fact in itself could affect our digestion and assimilation of the amino acids. So peptides, instead of being long chain amino acids like proteins, they are short chain and much easier for the body to break down and assimilate. And they basically act as gene switches. So this is why over a long period of time of taking these food supplements, peptide, bio regulators, that I'm speaking of, they can actually help to reverse aging. That's what I'm trying to do. So that is my absolute favorite topic of 2021 would be about how to age better and peptide bio regulators are huge. And the other thing I'm gonna speak about in terms of aging, because I see this all the time, you guys, people in general begin to see signs, usually midlife, that something is not working properly. So we get a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, or we develop something like arthritis, or these are all signs that something in your body needs attention. And I am a true believer that when you use multiple methods, you can heal yourself. And when we put all our faith in simply taking pharmaceutical drugs, I'm not saying they're not needed. I'm just saying, when we put all our faith in just pharmaceuticals, we tend to not get better. We may resolve one issue, but we can exacerbate other issues, or even still even worse. We can actually start to deplete many nutrients in the body because of those pharmaceuticals. So it's very important to take an approach that actually utilizes not just Western medicine, but various principles from other forms of healing onto topic. Number two, my biggest spiritual learning this year has been clear the junk and make space for newness. And even though this is a principle that I have learned about long ago and punctu way , you know, I am a hundred percent well of these people, little bit of a clean freak. I like things to be in its place in its order. And for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen my pantry situation and I tend to hide things. I hide things closets in drawers, behind doors. And at the end of 2021, starting in October, I really started to feel misaligned with a lot of things pertaining to my, my industry. And I didn't know what was going on, and I didn't have the answers. And I felt very, very stuck. So I am one of these people that really gets in touch with how I'm feeling, and then I go and figure out a way to fix it and to change it and understand it. So I actually, soughted the help of a couple of spiritual leaders who I actually really have to thank for this. And they were on my podcast and I did a few visualizations. And these are not just a typical meditation where you quiet the mind. It's more of a visualization to take you on a journey and really help you to realign with whatever feels misaligned in your life. So I did that and I started this L literal journey October, November, December. So it's been three months now and I have gone through various areas of my home to really go in and declutter. And I feel like it's helped to declutter my mind. And I don't think people realize how powerful it is to go in and take the time and do this. So I did, and it started with this visualization and it was so interesting because without even somebody telling me, okay, go start in your basement, Sandy, with all of the old toys, when the kids were little, I , I just felt like that was where I was gonna start. And I started there and I decluttered, and then I started to gain more clarity in my business, in my industry where I wanted to go. I started to, I guess you could say, find other people who would help me. And I interviewed another doctor and we talked about how, when you set yourself up on a journey, the right people will come into your life and the right people will find you. And that's exactly what happened. I had a situation whereby I felt prior to October, like I was like on this, what is that called? A hamster wheel? Yeah. Hamster wheel. And I was like running, running, running, running, and then I'd be like, oh my God, I gotta get this per on my podcast. And I gotta get this person on my podcast. And then I'm like, then I was given the answers and the answers were stop chasing Sandy, stop chasing, because what is right will come to you. And then that is exactly what happened. I stopped chasing. I washed my hands of individuals who just didn't, I didn't align with them . I'm not saying there's anything wrong with them . I just felt misaligned from them from so certain people in the industry. And my industry's really funny because there's a lot of people who are in it to truly, truly help others. And then there are people in it just to see how Instagram famous they can be or alternative wellness, famous. They can be. I don't even know. I mean, so you could see it. And I know I can see it. I can see it now, whereas before I'm like, oh my gosh, this person is so well known in the industry. I have to get them on my podcast. And now I'm like, eh , they're in it for the wrong reasons. And I could see it and I don't care, but others will see it too. If they're in that space where they really wanna see it. Now, the third topic for today's discussion is the number one issue I have seen in every single client in 2021. Now, as most of you know, I'm a registered holistic nutritionist. And I work with clients one on one , I don't do group programs. I work with them one on one only I help to rebalance the body so that the body does not feel those symptoms anymore. I love to work with people before they get sick, because typically the body speaking to us for many, many years prior to illness, developing many years. And so I love to work with people. I've also worked with individuals who have autoimmune conditions. So we have been able to put that to remission. I do not diagnose cure or heal diseases, but I simply help rebalance the body systems so that you can feel like again . And so I do this one on one . And the biggest thing that I have seen this year has been stress. And what's really interesting is my clienteles typically middle aged women. But I have taken on quite a few clients of the kids of these middle women who follow me. And I have seen a common issue with the kids, as well as the adults. And that is stress. And maybe it has to do with COVID . Maybe that's the reason why maybe it's this pandemic that has created , uh , an abnormal amount of stress within us. And we can't change what's going on with the world. We can't change that. We can change our mindset and we can bubble wrap ourselves. And I say this all the time. So stress being the number one factor. Listen, if you're going through a divorce, you're gonna be stressed. If you're a student and you have to do exams and you live the student life, well, you're gonna be stressed. So whether you're 21 or you're 41, still deal with stress. And a lot of us have forgotten how to mitigate the effects of stress. So I'm gonna tell you, number one, get out in nature, go for a walk, take those headphones out. Don't listen to music. Don't listen to podcasts, just be at one with nature. And I'm sure most of you can find a park or a nice little walkway or a pathway where there's trees and nature and just be present. And you hear all these spiritual leaders talk about this all the time, but it is very, very true and real as one of the best mitigators of stress and how it impacts the body. Number two is breath work . And again, this is something that I actually tell every single client. I talk about the 4 78 method. You can look it up. It's with Dr . Andrew wheel . And what it does is it simply takes your body from a sympathetic nervous system state to a parasympathetic nervous system state. So parasympathetic is the rest and digest and sympathetic is the running away from a lion. So we can't really think, clearly we can't digest our food. We can't do all the things that we wanna do in a sympathetic state except run away from the danger. I'm not meaning literally, but that's how your body is. That's how your body reacts. So this is why breathwork is so critically important. And the third thing I will say is adaptogenic herbs. I'll tell you what my favorites are. They're is Ola, which is wonderful for individuals who are stressed and tired, and ashwaganda is great for those who are stressed and wired. And I'm not saying run out and do that and take them. I'm saying work with your holistic health practitioner and see which one's right for you. If both are right for you, I have found those to be excellent mitigators of stress. They have helped me tremendously because I am naturally kind of wound for sound. Is that a saying anymore? Wound for sound. That's my natural head space . I usually don't stop all day long. I am go, go, go, go, go. So those are my favorites to help bubble wrap ourselves from the effects of consistent stress. Now, I have been F fortunate enough that over the holidays, I was able to spend time with my family and things have been going crazy around here in Toronto. And I think they are all over the world with Aron . And you see all sorts of information in the news, but the one thing that you see the most are the things that create fear, fear, and chaos. And I truly truly find it fascinating that there are those who don't actually dig a little deeper and say, okay, well, the news is reporting on this, but what's really going on. What's going on at a deeper level. Are there as many hospitalizations, are there as many people who are getting sick from this variant, let's look a little deeper. No people don't see that. And then there's that whole fear. And then you have individuals who almost shame others for having a gathering. And it's just like, aren't we done this yet ? Aren't we past this yet? Where we're gonna shame other people because they wanna spend Christmas with their father. Who's 84 years old. We don't know how many Christmases he's gonna have left. And you know, people are like, oh , well, it's just two Christmases now. And I'm like, hold on a minute. Two Christmases may not seem like a big deal when you're 40 and you're healthy and you're well, but when you have elderly parents who, yeah, they might be healthy, but you have no idea how long they will be here. And so, yeah, two Christmases means a hell of a lot in my books and in a lot of people's books. So we wanna savor that time and not fill it with fear. Fortunately, this year we've been, we've been , uh , lucky enough to get rapid tests all over the place. They were handing them out at the L CBOs and all kinds of places, which is great because that at least gave people some semblance of, of peace when they were able to gather with their families. But really if you're one of those people who just chooses to not gather because of fear, keep it to yourself. Our world has enough fear and chaos that we just, you know, keep it to yourself. We're done with this, we're over this. And I'm gonna end this podcast, cuz it's gonna be a short and sweet one with a quote that I absolutely love. This is from Eckhart Toley and here it is, whatever you fight you strengthen and what you resist persists. So think, think about that. Think about that. When you talk about being at war with somebody or, or fighting cancer or fighting the war on drugs or fighting this or fighting that that energy will simply bring more back your way, I'm gonna leave you with that. And next week we will be back with our regularly scheduled. We have a lot of great stuff to come. We have an episode, another episode with Dr. Elizabeth, Y we have an episode on thyroid, an episode on the medicinal benefits of mushrooms and so, so much more. Now I'm gonna lead , leave you with my sentiments for you to have a beautiful, happy, happy new year in whichever way you wish to celebrate. And I hope that you have a 20, 22 filled with so much love and health and happiness. Bye for now. Join me next week, where I cover off more exciting topics. I hope to continue to engage you and excite you and show you that living in your forties, fifties, and beyond can be exciting, balanced, and helpful bye for now.