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Episode 85 Diagnosis Does Not Mean Destiny with Cheryl Ilov

November 08, 2021 Season 1 Episode 85
Sandy K Nutrition - Health & Lifestyle Queen
Episode 85 Diagnosis Does Not Mean Destiny with Cheryl Ilov
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Show Notes

Cheryl is an author, a speaker and a recovered chronic pain patient.  She was told she would never be able to do the things she loved ever again at a young age. 

Now Cheryl is not merely surviving, but she is thriving.

In this episode, we talk about the struggles Cheryl lived with and it wasn't until she took her own health into her hands that her life began to change. 

This isn't about not listening to your doctors, and please note that this is in no way medical advice - speak with your own practitioner about what's right for you. 

Cheryl listened to what felt right for her, and made changes through her own investigation and research.  Often once we get into the medical system, we never get better, and we continue down a path of slow demise.  After 2 years of not getting better, and even feeling worse, Cheryl's life took a turn  when she took matters into her own hands - and she hasn't looked back since.

We talk about Feldenkrais, about her book Forever Fit and Flexible, her podcast The FemiNinja Podcast and her coaching program.  To find out more, check her out at

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